Is the fact that to achieve religious statues, you must be heterosexual to be accepted? Gay activist student Marc Hall wanted to feel like any normal 17 year old student whom was about to graduate. Yet does Hall learning at a Catholic school he was denied any chance to express himself by bringing his 21-year-old male date to the prom? The answer may be split in our society but ultimately an individual should be able to express him or herself.  In 2002 when Hall was supposed to graduate he made the decision to leave the Catholic School board and take them to court, launching a 100,000-dollar lawsuit to the school. With news spreading like wild fire and Hall awarded as a “gay hero” people could view this as a shift in how religion can control how a person acts and behaves. After the school board dropped thousands of dollars of fees, and the CBC covered the interior case, with the idea of a movie in mind, Hall withdrew from pursuing his case to the end. With Halls minor success into the movement of religions adopting different beliefs into their religion, we can see that religion should be a topic of success and not failure to act on minor topics of this. Overall I believe that Gay communities and other less privileged community should not be looked down upon by other religions, it’s seen as a opportunity to strengthen and diversify their religious community and thus expand its beliefs and ideas further into the future.





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