The following article dictates The Government of Quebec’s plan about disallowing ethnic minorities from wearing their own religious symbols in the public work place. Some of the religious symbols that could be banned are turbans, kirpans, kippas, crosses, hijabs, and other symbols that represent any religion.

It is important to know that Québec is always trying to be independent from the rest of Canada in many ways, including the Charter of rights of freedom. The attempt by Quebec of always trying to be separated from Canada has been going on for many decades now. The step that Quebec is taking by stripping ethnic minorities (some who are Canadian by birth) of their religious symbols is appalling.

I was also born in Canada, but I practise the religion of Sikhism and I was always taught to be proud of who I am and display to others what community I belong to in a peaceful way, which is why I wear the Sikh bracelet. By doing such a thing I am not going against the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom in any way. If I was to wear a turban this would not make a difference at all because the government I live under in Canada promotes ethnic diversity among all their citizens.  You would expect Québec would be following the same legislation like the rest of Canada, but clearly they do not. Quebec is always trying to be independent from rest of Canada. I recommend that the government of Quebec study religious symbols and understand what they mean and the effect it would have on religious citizens if these symbols are taken away.

With the position that Quebec is taking on religious diversity is saddening especially the statements made by Bernard Drainville about how “the state is neutral” and those that are “working for the state should be equally neutral in their image”. The same person who said this is the minister in charge of the charter for Québec. Once the news about the potential change in the charter came into the news caused major strikes and outcry with the citizens of Québec, which makes sense to me and is something that I definitely support. Some of the occupation that would have this law applied to them are teachers, doctors, and even police officers. What I find ironic about this is that one of the main jobs of police officers and teachers is to promote diversity among young students and citizens.

Overall, in my opinion that this potential act should be demolished because it is stripping citizens of their right to practise their religion on a daily basis and forces individuals to conceal apart of their identity. The only way to rid of such a terrible act is by having a mass movement among the citizens of Quebec that could potentially be affected by such an act to come together and protest.



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  1. I find this post very interesting. Quebec is a province with a lot of hostility towards religion, as discussed in one of the presentations in class. I don’t find it hard to believe because of this that they are looking to not have religious symbols present in their culture. Their hostility to religion, though stemming from Catholicism, I believe is spreading to outright apathy toward any religion. It is as if religion in general to Quebec is taboo and should not be approached.


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