Sweden’s Rainbow

Religion and Politics

All too often the stories in today’s news and culture are geared towards the mayhem of the world; terrorism, bigotry, and war, and very little are focused on the good in the world.

With the passing of the Sochi Olympics there has been a spotlight on the “less enlightened” countries of the world, yes every country is different and yes their laws and politics are their own, and unfortunately other countries really don’t have the right to interfere with laws that they don’t agree with. Many, more religious based, countries strongly disagree with our acceptance of minorities, be it sexual or racial, but they aren’t allowed to interfere with our laws of acceptance, so why should we presume that we can interfere with theirs.

I digress, the point of my article is the happy in the world, we don’t often see or read stories that make you proud to be a decent human being, but this article out of Sweden is one of those stories. I may be really behind the times on this one, but if you haven’t heard, here it is, a nice slice of human decency, “Sweden opens up its first LGBT retirement home.” I hadn’t heard of this, not surprising when all our articles focus on the terror of the world.

Since 2009 the LGBT community in Stockholm, Sweden has been working towards a senior living facility geared towards LGBT members, with the belief that when you are of age for retirement you should spend your last days on Earth with people that understand you. This is no new concept, there are many religious retirement centers out there, but there don’t seem to be many or any geared towards the LGBT community. It makes a lot of sense for people to want to live harmoniously and safely in their last years, and unfortunately elder LGBT members may have a harder time finding acceptance in the older community, those who were raised religiously may have a hard time expecting them in their seniors centers.

Normally we read that some LGBT services are only for members of the LGBT community, but in the case of the Regnbågen Retirement home, “Regnbågen” means rainbow in Swedish, it’s more about acceptance of all, not just the LGBT community. Regnbågen was created in association with Sweden’s nursing home association so that the residence of Regnbågen can feel comfortable in dealing with trained staff that deal “issues specific to the community.”

In a world that uses ‘religion’ as an excuse to commit some horrible atrocities, it’s nice to see that there are still some decently caring human beings out there, with some very forward thinking ideas.

bbc.in/1kq51hp- Sweden: First gay-friendly retirement home opens
bit.ly/OS98G6- Sweden opens first retirement home for gays
exm.nr/1hWFo36- Sweden opens up its first LGBT retirement home


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