Not a Sexual Revolution, but a Sexual Evolution

In the Arab world there are things you must not challenge through words or actions, three topics that are black and white: politics, religion and sex. But take a look closely, those topics aren’t that black and white, they’re not as separate as everyone thinks they are, they’re interconnected and shades of grey. Look at sex, it is part of a political, religious and social/cultural thought.  But this taboo topic is a good root for studying society, what goes on behind closed bedroom doors is reflected by forces on a bigger stage: politics, economics, religion, traditions, and generations.
For example take a middle aged man that wants to get married.  You look at his first option, finding a wife that his family approves of, one that sticks to her traditional Arab and Islamic values. But guess what, he can’t bear the burden of the costs in married life as more and more marriage is becoming a very expensive proposition. So then you look at his second option, one where his wife is although still a virgin but is a career woman, something that is a bit outside of what society defines as traditional Arab and Islamic values. Although she can help him with the costs in married life, she is not accepted as she defies gender expectations.
More and more we have activists advocating on behalf of Arabs for the right to talk about sex: to look at it outside of the context between a married man and a virgin women, something beyond what’s approved by your parents, sanctioned by religion and registered by the state. Since AIDS/HIV is an epidemic that is still continuously on the rise in Arab regions, you’re also looking for the right to get tested for the disease and the right to use a condom.
Westerners believe that the way to do that is through dramatic confrontation; through facts of what we deem is the norm or the right, and what we deem is a better way of life: where there is sex in films, where we wear clothes bearing our arms and legs, where erotica novels is on the rise, etc. But what we’re missing is that because of traditional Arab and Islamic values and religious beliefs passed down from generation to generation, the Arab world will NEVER be as open to sex as we are. There will not be a “sexual revolution”, but instead a “sexual evolution” through negotiations as discussed in this video (, where they will first learn about what goes on in other parts of the world, and then looking at their current conditions, they can find a common ground and pave their way for what will work for them. At the end of the day, they’re just human. All they want is the right to express their ideas freely, to marry who they choose, to decide whether or not they want to have children and to be able to do that without fearing death and discrimination.
– thoughtsonfire

2 thoughts on “Not a Sexual Revolution, but a Sexual Evolution

  1. My idea about your topic is different , where you pointed out that Arabs are not free to express their feeling and speaking about sex is a taboo and how that may lead them to encounter dangerouse disease like HIV . Looking at western countries even though sexual relationships are very well defined in the society including the danger they my face but still the ratio of people who get contaminated by STD’s is very significant and that has nothing to do with religion. Even I could say I have not seen or heard when two people getting married or becoming intimate they do test before doing so. Arab’s like other nationalities grown up in a certain way with certain beliefs that have been passed to them generation by generation. I personally believe majority of them are happy with the way they live and the way their beliefs construct their lifestyle, it’s not easy to critisize any nationality or religion base on individual observations . Maybe they think the same way about westerners !!!!

  2. I should disagree with you , where you pointed out Arabs are not conformable taking about the topics which are consider some sort of taboo based on their religions such as, sex .having an unprotected sex is an individual decision based on how risk averse is the persons. Looking at western society we will see even though sexual relationship and all the good or bad consequences they may face are very well defined but the ratio of people getting contaminated with HIV is very significant and that has nothing to do with some race’s beliefs or religions. Again this is an individual decision if they wanted to be tested before they get into the relationship or not . I think the fact that made sex a taboo topic in islamic countries has nothing to do with religions but rather is more politics and how comfortable are individuals about opening themselves up and talk about it . I also believe Arab’s, at least majority of them do not think of these sort of topic to be taboo or unusual rather they appreciate the way their religions or beliefs work in their life . I don’t really think it’s possible to criticize any religion or believe base on a personal observation because it seems , people are very happy in many ways with the traditions and beliefs which were passed down to them by their ancestors .

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