UN denounces Vatican over child abuse and demands immediate action

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The secrets and dishonesties surrounding sexual abuse against children within the Catholic Church continue, and the United Nations is now pressuring the Vatican to implement changes. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child have released a report condemning the Vatican for its continuous failure to take necessary steps in addressing the countless cases of child sex abuse within the Catholic Church, and its negligence to provide protection to our children (See: http://bit.ly/1bqwZB9).

The UN Committee has implemented non-binding recommendations upon the Vatican urging the Holy See to address this global scandal, suggesting Pope Francis to establish mandatory rules in reporting the abuse to investigators. The report ceases an enforcement mechanism, however the Pope is now under global pressure to respond and take the necessary steps to address this international scandal, as the entire world is watching. The Vatican is to report back to the UN Committee by 2017. They are also requesting that by 2017 the Holy See is to remove all known and suspected child sexual abusers and report the cases to authorities. It has been known for the Holy See to simply relocate priests accused of sexual abuse of children. How does relocating an abusive priest help solve the problem? Let us simply move that individual to another diocese and that will help him to not reoffend. Where is the logic in this? If anything, it will result in more victims. It is absurd that it was merely even an option in the church to do this!

On a global level, countless children are sexual abused at the hands of clergy in the Catholic Church, some going reported and others not. These allegations are swept under the rug by the church in attempts to preserve the status and reputation they so wish to hold. But their reputation has long ago, in my eyes, has been damaged with every perpetrator they continue to protect from being held accountable for their pedophilic actions.

I am not suggesting that all Catholic priests are or have molested youth; however why do we not see this happening on such a global level in other religions? How many countless victims are we not aware of that the Holy See is concealing from the public? I cannot fathom the reason why the Vatican seeks to protect the perpetrators and not hold the rights and protection of a child in much higher regard. If the Catholic Church is so concerned over its preservation and reputation, why on earth are they failing to address the scandals scandals that, whether you are Catholic or not, are considered blasphemous and downright immoral?

Ignoring the issue is clearly not helping the church’s reputation. The Holy See reiterated its assurance to defending and protecting the rights of a child; however, it seems like perhaps a ploy to defer attention from the problem. Basically, it seems to be all talk and no action. As a Catholic myself, I am absolutely appalled with how the Vatican has dealt with the allegations of child abuse. Is it not time for the Vatican to get off their holy throne and properly address and deal with this elephant in the room that they so desperately try to ignore? Sexual abuse is neither acceptable nor condoned in Christianity; and if anyone, the Vatican should ultimately be the ones that recognize this! With power, there comes responsibility and the Vatican needs to start holding perpetrators accountable, and taking this issue more seriously.


2 thoughts on “UN denounces Vatican over child abuse and demands immediate action

  1. One of the points you made is that we don’t seem to see this abuse in any other religion, the sad truth is is that there is probably a large number of abused in other religions as well that we aren’t even aware of. Look at the amount of “attacks” on the news coming from India, there probably have always been a large number of attacks but it’s the new “dish du jour” for the news. The news always focuses a spotlight on certain stories, and sometimes the mentality is, “well no one would be surprised to hear about (…that) coming from (…there)” But catholic and christian abuse stories from supposed “enlightened” countries and religions are the bigger headline.

  2. The fact that the Vatican has not properly addressed child abuse claims is appalling, and I agree completely with this blog’s comments on this issue.
    The UN Committee has suggested that Pope Francis establish mandatory rules in reporting the abuse to investigators. I think that this would be a common-sense move for the Vatican. Whether or not these scandals make the Catholic Church “look bad” it is the Vatican’s responsibility (along with any humans moral responsibility) to report child abuse to authorities. If the UN desires to make real change in the procedures of the Church, then there should be “binding” rules which require the Vatican to act appropriately when child abuse claims arise.
    A priest who is at the center of any abuse claims, should absolutely not be moved to another Church to avoid controversy, as this decision could put other children at risk for abuse. Did the Vatican not think about future children getting abused?
    Transferring priests to other churches upon abuse claims, is such an appalling way of dealing with these claims. Instead of the church being “embarrassed” by these scandals, all its members need to step up and hold those accountable for abusing children.
    Pope Francis has had the reputation of being more progressive then previous popes. For example he stated in response to having gay people in the Catholic Church, “Who am I to judge?”. Because of this more progressive image, I would think that he would be more inclined to making procedural changes in the church. I would anticipate that he would like to see any priest who has abused children to be removed, and to make it mandatory to report those who have been reported to abuse a child.


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