LGBT Rights and Religion

Religion and Politics

In today’s modern era, there have been more discussions regarding the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, known as LGBT. Fighting for LGBT rights are becoming more popular than ever before with the help of protests, petitions, social media and organizations. Some of these rights include same-sex marriage, adoption, parenting, anti-bullying and non-discrimination. Religions have a significant influence on LGBT rights as homosexuality is often perceived as a sin in most religious beliefs.

In recent news on Advocate (, an online campaign has started asking Pope Francis to speak out for LGBT rights. The LGBT people and its supporters in the Roman Catholic Church are working together with the No More Triangle Nations project and the public audience. In order to encourage Pope Francis to denounce laws in countries with harsh punishments, such as death penalties and suspension of civil rights due to one’s gender identity. The campaign uses the hashtag #PopeSpeakOut to spread the word through Twitter.

I believe that some people use religion as a means to justify their decisions, whether for or against, with LGBT rights. Catholic Archibishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin says that “anybody who doesn’t show love towards gay and lesbian people is insulting God” ( In Catholicism, homosexuality is seen as a sin.

Although in 21st Century, people in some regions are able to accept and treat homosexuals similar to heterosexuals. Beliefs evolved, and the “God Loves Everyone” slogan is being promoted. Controversially, religious leaders from the Uganda Joint Christian Council say that the anti-gay bill will prevent “an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage” ( Countries such as India are also supporters of anti-gay movements to keep the tradition from the Bible going.

Moreover, religious beliefs are often included in controversial topics, as we have seen in LGBT rights movements to strengthen the point of one’s argument. This could be because one is appealing to a higher power, thus the public will be more likely to take the matter in hand seriously and will have more of an impact on society.


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