The Vatican’s shocking behavior towards child abuse leaves them in the spotlight of the United Nations.

The United Nations has had enough of the Vatican’s unacceptable behavior towards child abuse. The committee on the Rights of the Child has criticized the Vatican for being unable to live up to their word, and the committee has asked for all members suspected of abuse to be turned over to the police.


Committee head Kirsten Sandberg said, “Despite the Vatican’s pledges to adopt a zero tolerance approach, it was in clear breach of the 1989 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child”. As of now the answer is yes, meaning the Vatican has broken the rules of the convention, and here are the main three points that the report lists: “the Vatican had failed to acknowledge the extent of abuse, nor taken necessary measures to protect children, and had allowed perpetrators to continue with impunity”. In an attempt to cover up their offences, the Vatican transferred the felons out of the country and too new districts, hoping the offences would go unnoticed.


The Vatican is aware of the report, as they stated, “The Holy See takes note of the concluding observations on its reports, which will be submitted to a thorough study and examination”, but is unhappy with the “interference” from the committee towards their religious teachings. The Vatican was especially annoyed when the UN asked the Vatican to, “modernize and amend its attitudes”.


Following the report a hearing was held, where 18 human right experts from around the world questioned officials of the Vatican. They were scrutinized for taking action into their own hands, which consisted of: “the vast majority of abusers and almost all those who concealed child sexual abuse to escape judicial proceedings in states where abuses were committed”. In return, the committee condemned the “code of silence” from the Vatican.




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