Ukraine’s crackdown singling out Catholics, Canada’s religious-freedom envoy says

Religion and Politics

In a nation composed of several distinct religions it is not unheard of for governments to limit civil rights and freedoms, and even persecute certain religious groups. The Globe and Mail articled found at:, communicates the problems that arise when politics play an infringing role upon religious rights and the consequences it has upon a society.

The problem in question is whether governments should have the authority to limit the civil rights of certain religious groups, to the extent that it even threatens to illegalize the practice of certain religions and its churches. This is the case in Ukraine, where the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has been prohibited from participating in protests against the government’s decision to limit civil rights.

In my opinion governments should not have the right to exert their authority in an infringing manner, because civil rights and freedoms form the foundation for an equitable society in which all civilians are respected and treated alike. In Ukraine the role of the churches during this civil uprising is vital, as the churches have encouraged communication between conflicting parties in the optimism that it will lead to a sustaining solution.

Restricting the civil rights of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is problematic because individuals fear that the government will not stop here, and eventually the government will continue to restrict the civil rights of other churches until the role of religion is diminished. Denying religious rights to individuals is a violation of human rights, many individuals posses a strong affiliation with their religion and not having the freedom to express such affiliation can certainly lead to violent conflict and death.

It is essential that individuals protest for their rights, to prevent the persecuting of religions or any type of minorities. Taking a stand now will prevent further limitation and conflict, and enable those who have lost their rights to reclaim them and freely practice their religion and right to protest.

In conclusion the government of Ukraine is restricting civil rights that are particularly targeting the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. The government has prohibited the church from participating in the civil protests against the government’s decision to reject agreements with the European Union, and instead create stronger ties with the Russian government.

This has violated many individual rights and freedoms and has led to serious violent conflicts in the capital of Ukraine. It is important for civilians to have the right to engage in protests and freely express their civil rights, in order to prevent the suppression of various religious groups like it has happened in Ukraine’s history under Communist law.


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