Religion And Politics

Religion and Politics

This article describes the refusal of a bill to be passed by senate. The bill would have allowed businesses to refuse services to same-sex couples because of religious beliefs. Last year a billed was passed to preserve religious beliefs and because of this and the fact that the senate was made up of conservative republicans it was looking as though the billed was going to go through. Luckily the senate saw it as a human rights issue. Which is what it is.

I believe that everyone should be treated as equals, no matter what his or her, race, gender, or sexual orientation is. If this bill were passed it would not be just a matter or religious beliefs but a matter of discrimination and or civil rights. Yes, everyone has the right to their own beliefs and religion but that should not be put in front of human rights.

The bill arose because of wanting to use religious beliefs as a reason to not serve same-sex couples with contraceptives. Health care is something that all people should have access too, and as soon as people are no longer allowed to buy it from certain stores it because a matter of human rights. I agree with what Mr. King says when he states, “We need razor precision in the language of the bill as to what religious liberties we’re trying to protect and how we protect them in a nondiscriminatory fashion.”

Even thinking about the fact that this was passed by the house makes me question whether the United States has come as far as they say they have. I believe that this type of thinking only makes society go backwards. If someone tried to pass a bill that blacks could be refused service it would be an outrage. Or what if a bill was passed that Christians could be refused service? There would be no such tolerance for these forms of oppression but since some do not like how same-sex couples live their lives it is okay for this form of discrimination to be considered.

Similar bills are being considered in other states. This is not okay. As soon as it crosses the line of religious beliefs and human rights, there should no longer be a question of what do we choose. People can believe whatever they like to believe but that should not infringe about a persons right as a human. This bill not being passed was a step in the right direction and I hope that more steps will start being taken to help preserve human rights.



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