An insightful look at faith and belief, Kumaré is a documentary by the film maker Vikram Gandhi, an American born hindu whom later studied religion at university. Filmed in the same sense as comedies by Sasha Barren Cohen, Vikram Gandhi impersonates an Indian Guru and gathers a following before ultimately revealing his false identity. In this film, Vikram creates a spritiual alter ego in an attempt to highlight the incongruity of blind faith in an icon figure.

As the documentary unfolds, some moments laughable, others slightly unnerving, Kumaré creates a philosophy based on his principle idea that people falsely seek comfort in a false icon when in fact, he believes happiness can be found from within. Through a personalized form of meditation and yoga, created solely for the purpose of the social experiment, Kumaré teaches his disciples that he is in an illusion throughout and that they must all unveil the guru’s contained within themselves.

Confessing to having more meaningful human interactions as Kumaré, ultimately our protagonist goes through his own moment of reflection as he grows to enjoy the person he has transformed into compared to his old self, Vikram. The unveiling of Vikram’s true identity becomes his final teaching, that Kumaré is in fact like all of us and there is nothing that distinguishes himself from his disciples, if only we all simply had faith in ourselves. 

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Kumaré. Dir. Vikram Gandhi. Perf. Vikram Gandhi. 2011. DVD.


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