The Catholic Mass


The religion of Catholicism is always of interest to me. The stories that I heard about the Ten Commandments and how Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself to bring salvation upon the human race fascinates me. Furthermore, the rituals that Catholics perform when they attend mass always raises my curiosity as to the reasons behind each activity. This brings me to this article where some of my questions are answered. 

In this article, it demonstrated the fact that the Mass is the central act of worship to God in the Catholic Church. The gathering of Catholics in Church can be thought of a symbol of the Last Supper, where Christ gathers with his disciples one last time before His crucifixion. The Mass also holds the purpose of appreciating the freedom that Christ has brought down on us in an “unbloody” manner.  This article also explains true meaning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. When Catholics line up before the priest to receive the bread and wine, it holds the meaning of inviting Christ to be in our heart and soul, to be with us. The bread and wine thus symbolizes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. The Mass can also portrayed to be a memorial of the unselfish sacrifice Christ had gone through on the sacred Cross. Although receiving the Eucharist is not necessary, but frequent confession and attending church in performance of the different Liturgies is encouraged. This is for the reason that attending Mass is considered to be Church’s way of fulfilling Christ’s command. As when we are attending this “sacred banquet” of Christ, we are fulfilling his command of remembering and acknowledging His presence.

Through our regular attendance to the Catholic Church and participation of the different liturgies, we are able to develop a stronger bond with Jesus Christ. We are also able to receive the blessing and grace that God has given the world through His scarification on the Sacred Cross. 


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