Recently the Church of England has been accused of “dumbing down” its traditional christening ceremony after rewriting the service for a modern congregation. From the story about the Church of England abandons sin is such nonsense, just because they have changed the wording in their “questions”; yet, people accuse them for not mentioning devil or sin in the new service, it is just completely nonsense. Since it is already 21th century, today’s young generations rarely have the chance to understand or acknowledge about devil and sin; therefore, it is understandable for the Church of England to change the wording in their “questions” during the baptism rite; because most of the young generation question about the existence of god, like most of today’s teenagers or young adults do not believe in and religions, simply because they think that religion is just a belief that does not really help them physically; since today’s world is all about the material and the money, it is no longer like 1000 years ago where every children get educated at the Church and start learning about god since they are kids. Therefore, most of the teenagers and young adults think that it is a waste of time to go to church, simply they do not understand the true meaning behind it; so the Church of England tries out new method of rewriting the service (baptism rite) for a modern congregation does not mean the church has stripped out the “key elements” of the baptism service, yet the church is still remaining the true meaning of the baptism rite, but it is using a new method to preach to the new generations. I personally believe that everything from the past has to change to emerge today’s world and the future, especially the olden subjects such as religions, they need to use modern methods to preach the true meaning of each believe to keep it going for the future.

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