The Louisiana Public School Cramming Christianity Down Students’ Throats

Religion and Politics

The story for the following comments are found at:

Personally, I do not have a problem with the writing on the wall or the posters supposedly being displayed in the school. I consider it advertising and we live in a society were advertising is everywhere. However I disagree with the giving out of books for reading and forcing prayer on all the kids even if it is against their own religions is wrong.

I was shocked when I saw the claim that bonus questions on the test had the answer “the lord” and if you did not write that the teacher would correct you in front of the class. This act is the type of thing that gives religion a bad name. If you associate a force with religion you are less inclined to listen to the opinion expressed. I believe that the lawsuit should be won by the Buddhist student because of the amount of influence the school tried to have on converting him to Christianity.


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