New Age Followers still waiting for aliens to bean them up 15 years after Heaven’s Gate cult suicide left 39 dead.

New Religious Movements

Mass suicide or assisted suicide or pre meditated murder?

‘Do’ a man who believed he was a descendant of Jesus Christ. Was he just a delusional brainwashing murderer who helped lead a group of people to their deaths? And of course he was not alone, another crazed brainwashing individual; Marshall Applewhite controlled all that was to be, he even managed to convince other members to be castrated! “He controlled nearly every aspect of his follower’s lives. What about the self-mutilation? He and six other male members of the group even went as far as to travel to Mexico, where they volunteered to be castrated to reduce distraction”.  Why was this? If one is brainwashed surely they can control urges, Catholic Priests do!  Why was this gender specific, why was their no mention of the females in the group?

Many faiths believe in a figure that has never actually physicalized, but this to most followers doesn’t stop their belief.  Yet this cult is one which requires you to take your own life to ‘join the club’ so to speak. Well with all due respect, who in the right mind would want to join? Obviously, those who are not in the right frame of mind, easy manipulated and vulnerable.  What about proof, where is the scientific proof that Aliens or UFO’s exist? A silly spot trailing the comet seemed to be the focus.

With respect to the deceased, the article doesn’t lead me to the conclusion that this was mass suicide.  The 39 had all taken a Mixture of Phenobarbital poison with alcohol, put plastic bags over their heads and that was the end.  Surely before you could put a bag on your head you would be incoherent and have no co-ordination, and then go unconscious.  Research will prove that drinking vodka with phenobarbital would cause breathing difficulties, convulsions, hallucinations and coma.  In my mind  bags could not have been placed over their heads before death, common sense prevails to understand that if one tries to suffocate themselves the reaction is to stop and survive, the brain takes over, fight or flea syndrome. This undeniably to me means that you couldn’t put a bag over your head and try to stop breathing when still conscious, so therefore after the elixir, suffocation must have been assisted.  If they were assisted when unconscious, the decision to change their mind was taken way, thus becoming murder. This article leaves so many unanswered questions.


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