Persecution Against Baha’i in Iran

Baha’is in Iran today are facing extreme segregation in their nation. It is very sad to hear that in today’s society individuals are being punished, not for harmful crimes but simply for something they believe in. Young people of the Baha’i Faith are stripped from the right of going to universities, from achieving respective careers such as: professors, doctors, teachers and many more. According to the article, 116 individuals have been put in jail for what they believe in, and over 670 have been arrested. This information is especially disappointing because the Baha’i Faith is a very open culture, it is open to anyone who is interested.  The Faith encourages unity among the world as well as helping humanity move to a new and better day in society through interaction amongst different cultures. Although Baha’i minorities are facing horrific treatment in Iran today, it is comforting to know that the U.S Congress is doing something to stand up for these people. They are trying to pressure the Iranian government to release the imprisoned individuals because they are being punished for no good reason. It is incredible to think about how much strength the Baha’is in Iran have, especially when they are denied the right of higher education; no matter how qualified they happen to be. No matter what culture, religion or faith a person chooses to live by, they shouldn’t be punished for it, as long as they are not hurting anyone or any other system of belief. 

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One thought on “Persecution Against Baha’i in Iran

  1. I find it quite interesting that the United States claims to be pressuring Iran for the reason of equality. In many ways I can think of no better country to share their knowledge on something they are so familiar with. A simple look at the demographics within the prisons of the United States would equally implicate the USA of the fascism that the Western world is always condemning others for. I agree that equal rights and freedoms are deserved by all, but I think it’s time we start trying to fix the inequalities and human rights violations in our own Western country’s before we ascend to hypocritically pass judgment on the cultures of country’s far removed from our own. Only when the minorities of the Western world (Homosexuals, African Americans, Mormons and Women to name a few) are no longer pushed aside to make room for the middle class white male’s chance at success, will I feel the need to show others the way towards equality.

    weston6949 #205

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