The Reality that Faces the Middle East and the Whole World

Israeli fighter planes were scrambled to intercept an unmanned aircraft that ventured into restricted Israeli airspace on Saturday October 6th.  Hezbollah has claimed responsibility and also put forth the threat that they have “more surprises and would not hesitate to use them in any future war with Israel.”  The aircraft was reported as being made in Iran, a fundamental enemy of the state of Israel, before being assembled by Hezbollah in Lebanon.  This event is greatly magnified by the fact that Iran is suspected of supporting many Islamic terrorist organizations while simultaneously developing its own nuclear technology.  The threat of war in the region is becoming more real every day with events like this reinforcing the image of Islamic militant groups (such as Hezbollah) as being real and dangerous threats to the Jewish state of Israel.  Although it is said that this drone was not equipped with weapons, I believe it is only a matter of time before armed drones can and will be sent into Israel.  This event is significant because it proves Iran’s continued anti-Semitic views, which leads me to believe that Israel will execute a preemptive military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities sometime after this year’s U.S. presidential election.  The political climate of the region is hard for me to comprehend because I have been raised in a liberal secular society; however it is important to realize that in countries like Israel and Iran politics is just one branch of the religion that shapes their lives and worldviews.  Although the event of a drone being flown into Israel seems rather insignificant to us as Canadians, news such as this raises big questions about the responsibility of Canadians (and the rest of the world) to ensure that a destructive, possibly nuclear war never comes to fruition anywhere on the planet.   

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