Legal systems worldwide have encompassed freedom as a human right through a colorful array of channels to invoke a sense of identity and free expression among the masses.  The secular states of the West promote freedom of rights, freedom of art and freedom of religion.  The recent anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims” has ignited protests across the Muslim world, resulting in several deaths including a US ambassador in Libya. The creator of the video was a Coptic Egyptian with a US citizenship. According to an article translated from German by Paul Cohen, Muslim protests show limits of free speech. Critics argue in some Islamic countries there is a blurring of the differences between religion and politics. The offensive portrayal of the Islamic prophet has caused great political damage. Politicians argue the west is losing credit that it gained from its opposition to dictators such as Libya’s Gadhafi and Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. Was this act of free speech a blatant attack on the Islamic religion to deliberately provoke global unrest, or an attempt to shine a negative light on the faith to steer people away from it such as Jakob Wilhelm Hauer sought to move Germany away from Christianity during the Third Reich. The article states the ambassador was killed by Radical Islamists but he also died for the freedom of the Christian agitators. There are laws in some countries that deem blasphemy a crime but little of this legislation is effective. If those laws are not advocated the fine line between religion and politics diminishes.

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