Pakistan has recently been the host of a violent, controversial act that is believed, by the nation’s religious officials, to have been in abidance with Shari’ah Law. It is understood that if a country’s dominant religion is Islam, the Muslims are obligated to enact Shari’ah law. It is viewed that one who wholeheartedly believes in the Holy Quran must accept that the Book comprehensively defines every area of human activity and behaviour. However, much of the religion and how one goes about conducting their religious actions is based on interpretation. Therefore, it is hypocritical to enact a religious law in a nation where religious differences are visible. Although Pakistan is predominantly Sunni Muslim, there are vast Shi’a, Ahmadi, Ismaili, Christian, and Sikh minorities. Integrating such an idea into a government infrastructure, political and religious conflicts would be definite; all laws would be attributed to God’s will, yet contradict each other diametrically. Daily, innocent children are killed, the blood of countless civilians is shed, and schools and hospitals are attacked. To label any of those inhumane acts as Islamic law is profoundly wrong and misguided. It is unfortunate that Islamic values, at times, are interpreted in the most violent, and barbaric of ways. Malala Yusofzai was only 14 years old when she was shot outside of her school in the Taliban ruled, northern Pakistan. There are several chapters within the Quran that encourage education, the liberation of women, and prohibit against any form of violence towards them. The Taliban often manipulate Quranic verses to satisfy their personal violent, illiberal, and fundamentalist ideologies. Is it justifiable, under Islamic law, to commit such heinous crimes against humanity?

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